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TeraManager is basically a concept made up of many parts that are put together to configure the proper solution for each particular problem.
» Data Warehousing
» Data Regulation Compliance
» Real Time Collector
The Database
Let's start with the core process. The different applications and products are based on the platform, the way to be accessed and the connectivity.
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Real Time Collector
Along with the ‘ever growing - multi billion record’ databases comes in the need of being able to perform Stream Processing. Stream Processing is the capability of performing ‘near real time’ analysis of data as it is being produced and before is ‘persistently stored’ on the Database.

TeraManager provides specific solutions in the area of Stream Processing which generically fall into Real Time Collector tasks.

Many applications can take advantage of this facility. Security Alerts, Monitoring, Value added services, etc.

A typical application is the monitoring of CDRs in a Near Real Time environment in a way that every CDR is evaluated to see if corresponds to an unsuccessful call. If it does, the Real Time Collector triggers an SMS notification of the lost call to the destination party.

Once the destination party receives the SMS notification and proceeds to return the call, Real Time Collector also captures the corresponding CDR, being able to evaluate the effectiveness of the previously sent notification.
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