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TeraManager is basically a concept made up of many parts that are put together to configure the proper solution for each particular problem.
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The Database
Let's start with the core process. The different applications and products are based on the platform, the way to be accessed and the connectivity.
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Data Regulation Compliance
Regulation compliance has long been an issue for many industries. The need to be able to provide “event” information to diverse regulatory authorities is no new.

In recent years due to the convergence of an exponential growth of data - generation devices plus an incremental “hunger” of event information by regulatory authorities, compliance with these regulations has become an industry in itself.

Telecommunications, Financial and other industries are affected by this burden in which millions of dollars are spent every year.

Much of this new-come industry has to do with the capability that organizations must have in order to provide a rapid response to inquires. Financial organizations have to be able to report all transactions performed by a given entity in a given time. Telecommunications companies with providing detail of all communications performed by a single individual.

It all comes down to the storage of billions or even trillions of records that have to be readily available.

Use of a TeraManager based Data Warehouse for handling such Regulation Data Warehouses needs, provides unmatched performance against transactional databases since lowers to the minimum storage requirements, requires little incremental learning (very similar to standard Databases) and increases overall performance since indexing and retrieving times are many fold faster.
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