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TeraManager is basically a concept made up of many parts that are put together to configure the proper solution for each particular problem.
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The Database
Let's start with the core process. The different applications and products are based on the platform, the way to be accessed and the connectivity.
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TeraManager is a concept oriented to solve the ever increasing issue related to the growth of historical databases, generated by the IT structures of many types of organizations.

Traditional Database systems have been designed to satisfy OLTP (online transaction processing), workloads characterized by ad hoc queries, significant write traffic, and the need for strong transactional and integrity guarantees. In contrast, the solutions described here are almost all Data Warehousing - intensive and streaming applications do not even take advantage of persistent data. Few of these applications require transactional features, and there is little inherently relationality about the data being accessed. Thus, the data management question becomes how best to satisfy the needs of these different types of solutions.

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