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The Database
Let's start with the core process. The different applications and products are based on the platform, the way to be accessed and the connectivity.
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TeraManager is basically a concept made up of many parts that are put together to configure the proper solution for each particular problem.
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Welcome to TeraManager®
TeraManager is a database engine designed to satisfy the largest and most demanding data warehouse applications in the world.

Combines the ease of use of standard SQL language for its operation, high reliability of a fully developed Java application, linear scalability of growth to billion or trillions of records, an unmatched performance both in indexing and retrieval speed, and a very significant storage space savings, that makes TeraManager the ideal engine for storing and retrieving Very Large Data Bases (VLDBs).

TeraManager can be a perfect complement to traditional “never stop growing” databases, since leaves the "transactional" task in the current Database, and only takes care of the storing and retrieving of massive amounts of data. TeraManager is not meant to substitute current transactional Databases, rather is meant for complementing them.

Organizations such as Telecommunication, Financial and Government can benefit and capitalize on their existing operating platforms, by using TeraManager for the storage and retrieval of large Databases, being the benefits derived from Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence or simply Regulation Compliance issues among others.
Main Benefits

The main benefits of TeraManager are:

Stores and indexes, on a linear growth basis, virtually any amount of Historical records (Records that are not subject to updates or modification) in a fraction of the space required by a dynamic database, reaching in some cases up to ~90% of savings.
Access to data stored is very fast and efficient, making it ideal for large Data Warehousing purposes.
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